Suitable for the Hazardous area classifications Zone1, Zone2, Gas Group IIA, IIB, IIC

The drive consists of flame proof motor, brakes, switches and push buttons. All electrical fittings are flame proof suitable for group I, IIA and IIB gases. Flame proof limit switches for extreme ends in horizontal and vertical movement. Flame proof local control panel and main incoming isolator with contactor, thermal over-load relays & MCBs.
The single girder design, in general preferred up to 15T capacity and span of 20M, is made from either rolled steel I-beam with C-Channel capping section on top for lateral stiffness or box section fabricated from plate. The rolled steel section girders, even though widely used, are ultimately limited by the availability of beam size and length. The distance from the hook at the top most position to the top of the gantry is often greater than in double girder designs, although low headroom hoists can minimize this limitation.

Flame Proof Cranes
Flame Proof Cranes