Jib Cranes are built consistently with hoisting & traversing units manufactured as per Indian standards. Mast is fabricated from pipe / rolled steel section, while the Jib Arm is fabricated from I-Beam or Mild steel plates. Thrust and ball bearings provided for smooth swivel as well as to take care of vertical and horizontal load as well as radial thrust.

Swivel operation provided both in manual operated through hand chain or electrically through motor & gearbox mechanism. The base is drilled to take foundation bolts.

These cranes are available in 180 / 270 / 360 deg boom swivel angles.

Hoisting unit may be manual chain pulley blocks operated through hand chain from floor or electric chain hoists or electric wire rope hoists. Traversing unit may be either geared travelling trolley (manual) or electric trolley.

Jib Cranes